Enhanced Mobile Services: manage and protect data on your mobile devices

With smartphone devices fast becoming universal in the business world and mobile applications flooding the market, the security and control of a company’s mobile device fleet is fast becoming of paramount importance.

Often mobile devices (mobiles / tablets / laptops) need to have access to corporate data in a safe and secure manner.

Digital Island’s Enhanced Mobile Services presents a number of solutions that can bring the wild west of mobile internet under control allowing a company to maximise the potential of mobile devices to increase productivity and efficiency.

And best of all, the control is done at a network level so doesn’t require ongoing administration and can’t be over-ridden by the user.


Content filtering and control – A business can dictate websites or applications that their employees have access to via their mobile data connection.
Security – Ensures your company’s mobile data connectivity is secure and your business information is protected.
Static IP address – Allows a business to have a static IP (Internet Protocol) address on a mobile data connection giving a business the ability to run mail servers, VPN connections etc over the mobile data network.


  • Increased productivity of a company’s remote workforce by given access to corporate emails, documents and other business applications.
  • Improved communications and performance.
  • Reduce data cost through management of mobile data access and expenditures.
  • Increased security of your business information.

Enhanced Mobile Services is a simple way to manage mobile devices – efficiently, cost-effectively and compliantly.

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