Content Filtering and Control

Digital Island’s Enhanced Mobile Services presents a number of solutions that can bring the wild west of mobile internet under control allowing a company to maximise the potential of mobile devices to increase productivity and efficiency.

Content filtering and control solution helps a business dictate websites or applications that their employees have access to via their mobile data connection. This service gives a business capabilities to manage its remote working employees to only access the company website or block non-productive websites such as Facebook and TradeMe.

Customer Example: Insurance Company A have a large number of on the road brokers who need access to the company’s main website from mobile devices in order to access the online quoting system. The company want to give these brokers a data stick in order for them to have access remotely, but do not want them to access other sites and use large amounts of mobile data. The Content Filtering and Control solution helps Insurance company A to be more productive and save costs on mobile data access.


  • Increased productivity of a company’s remote workforce by given access to corporate emails, documents and other business applications.
  • Improved communications and performance.
  • Reduce data cost through management of mobile data access and expenditures.
  • Increased security of your business information.

Content Filtering and Control Enhanced Mobile Services is a simple way to manage mobile devices – efficiently, cost-effectively and compliantly.

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