Send SMS directly from your email

DigiSMS is a technology that converts standard emails into SMS messages. It lets you send SMS Text messages from the email client of your choice (such as Outlook) directly to end users.

You can send SMS messages by simply composing an email message in the following format (eg, and this can be to single or multiple recipients. The end user will receive the first 160 characters of your email body via an SMS message, and any replies to the SMS message will come back to your email inbox.

DigiSMS is the perfect solution for reaching your staff, suppliers and customers. SMS messages tend to be given a lot more attention than email, so it is ideal for communicating important information.

Our customers use DigiSMS because:

  1. It is simple to use
  2. It will increase your customer service level.
  3. Communication with customers are fast and efficient
  4. No extra software to install or manage on your computer


Monthly Access $12 per month
Cost per SMS message (NZ Mobiles) 12c per SMS
Cost per SMS message (International) 15c per SMS
Setup Fee $100 one-off