Mobile broadband data plans, data roaming rates & devices

Smart business data plans & data roaming flat rates

If you are a smartphone user make sure you check our mobile plans as they all include a generous data allowance as well as minutes and texts each month. If you have one of our DigiSmart plans and need even more data, you can upgrade to a larger data plan and just pay the difference. It’s easy!

Excess Data Within NZ

1GB $25.00 25c
3GB $45.00 25c
5GB $70.00 25c
8GB $125.00 25c
Excess Data Pack 2.5 GB $75.00

For larger mobile data plans or customised plans, please contact us.

Simple, seamless mobile roaming data

Digital Island mobile gives you complete freedom to roam the globe, and stay in full contact with no effort at all – these are the data and rates. It’s so simple. Get off the plane, turn on your phone, and you are connected.

Mobile hotspot device

To access and share a mobile broadband connection while you’re on the go. You can easily connect up to 10 devices such as: smartphones and laptops, at the same time without any cables or wires.

Netgear Aircard 800S $219 (subsidy may apply for term plans).

Mobile broadband devices

To access the web on your laptop using our mobile network, you may be able to use your smartphone as a wiFi hotspot, or tether it. Or, you can use a data stick and combine it with a data plan that suits your needs.

Please contact us for USB data stick options.

Daily rate applies from the first KB of data usage. Daily rate applies from 12:00AM to 12:00PM NZ local time. Daily rate is the maximum charge per day. The MB rate is charged in 10KB increments. Fair Use Policy* applies to data usage on the daily rate. Digital Island’s Data Roaming Fair Use Policy means that the flat rate above may not apply when a subscriber uses materially more data when roaming than they do domestically. Data sizes are an estimation, all prices are for usage within New Zealand only, and are shown in NZD and exclusive of gst. Although available models and pricing are as accurate as they can be at the date of publication, this information is subject to change without notice.If you do not use all the data allowance included in a plan this will expire at the end of your billing term and cannot be carried forward or redeemed.