Cloud Contact Centre2023-09-12T16:53:42+12:00

The Cloud Contact Centre for growing businesses

Moving your contact centre to the Cloud offers significant cost savings, improved flexibility, and stronger compliance.

Cloud Contact Centres are at the core of what it takes to properly win, serve, and retain customers for both B2B and B2C organisations. Rising customer expectations push companies to deliver ever-improving CX, yet contact centres often have complex suites of applications that can slow contact resolution and increase customer dissatisfaction. Businesses, maybe like yours, need to integrate contact centre software systems hat leverage emerging AI tools to simplify your agent desktop and increase the speed and quality of contact resolution. They must also ensure reliability and agility at scale — especially during times of global or market disruption.

Size Doesn’t Matter with Cloud2021-06-23T16:32:17+12:00

Cloud contact centre solutions offer genuine affordability for all sizes of business. In addition, the solutions we offer require minimal on-site hardware or software, so scaling up – or down – is easy and can be done in real-time.

Enjoy a More Cost-Effective Consumption Model2021-06-23T16:36:48+12:00

Unlike on-premises call centre technology with fixed-term licensing costs, with cloud, you only pay for the services you consume. So if you hit a quiet patch, you can immediately downscale your requirements and outgoings and save.

Foster an Agent-Friendly Environment2021-06-23T16:39:56+12:00

Cloud call centres only require minimal tools to support agents who need or prefer to work from home, enabling you to weather workplace health restrictions, minimise your investment in costly office space, and offer positions to agents not located near your contact centre premises.

Improve Call Management and the Customer Experience2021-06-23T16:41:20+12:00

A cloud contact centre solution offers features that improve the customer experience. For example, predictive call routing enables you to manage unexpectedly high call volumes. Direct overflow calls to other agents or expedite them by routing to the agent best qualified to take the call. Calls can be prioritised, so an overseas call or high-value customer is moved to the front of a queue. And queue reporting allows your supervisors and management to determine how queues are performing, monitor staffing levels, identify problems, and analyse trends historically or in real-time.

Simplify Call Quality Control2021-06-23T16:44:32+12:00

The fastest way to improve the customer experience is to provide your contact centre supervisors with the ability to silently listen in on live calls to evaluate agent capabilities, join the call if requested, and more. Add sentiment analysis capability, and you’ll have an even more accurate picture of how your customers perceive your agents, products and services, and brand.

Improve Compliance Without Adding Costs2021-06-23T16:47:21+12:00

With their centralised platform for recording and archiving incoming and outgoing calls, Cloud contact centres enable you to quickly add features and workflows that help you meet new compliance requirements – and fast.

What Do You Need to Get Going?2021-06-24T15:45:51+12:00

Agents and supervisors require a compatible handset, headset, and desktop application. Each site also requires WAN or Internet connectivity.

What Cloud Contact Centre Solutions Can We Offer You?2023-09-12T16:56:39+12:00

Digital Island has two options. First, we offer Amazon Connect, an easy-to-use omnichannel cloud contact centre, powered by AWS, and deployed by thousands of companies worldwide, to serve millions of customers daily.

Amazon Connect

Drive better customer experiences, increase agent efficiency, and reduce costs and risk with Amazon Connect and Digital Island Managed Services.

Amazon Connect is an easy-to-use omnichannel cloud contact centre, powered by AWS. Developed by Amazon to deliver a superior customer experience for their own retail business, Amazon Connect is now used by thousands of companies with anything from 10 to tens of thousands of agents to serve millions of customers daily.