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Is your 0800 number as effective as it can be?

Call Digital Island today for a free review of your 0800/0508 services and our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help. Bring your current 0800, 0508 or word number, if you need a new one we can assist you in finding the perfect match for your business.

Digital Island currently supplies some of the largest 0800 & 0508 numbers in New Zealand, our tollfree services are ultra reliable, with perfect quality, as they are delivered via the two main telco’s in NZ.

Free management reports are included with our 0800 services, providing summary statistics on usage and costs, plus details such as timing of calls, geographic origin of calls and missed calls – all vital information for measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, staffing levels, busy times and telecommunications requirements. See more information here

0800 Calling Rates

Contact us to talk about your business’s toll free requirements and calling patterns and we will design a rate plan to suit your business.

Toll Free Features

  • Full freephone portability means that you can continue to use your existing 0800 or 0508 toll free number when you move to Digital Island.
  • Geographic Routing: depending on the origin of a call it will go to a particular office or number.
  • Menu Options: an IVR type service which directs callers to dial 1 for the operator, 2 for bookings, 3 for accounts, etc.
  • Courtesy Response: allows a pre-recorded message to be played before the call is forwarded to the terminating number.
  • InfoCall: callers will hear a pre-recorded message rather than speaking to a person.
  • Distinctive Tone: a beep sounds to notify that the call that the caller dialled the toll free number.
  • Follow Me: users can switch the 0800 to divert to their cell phone.
  • Time Based Services: after hours you can divert the 0800 service to ring to a different location.
  • Blocking Cell Phone Calls: customers can elect to block calls from cell phones.
  • Percentage Call Distribution: allows the customer to distribute a set percentage of calls to various locations.
  • Additional features include: Call Distribution Plans, Confidential PIN, Suspended Service, and Pending Toll Free Service.

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