Cloud Contact Centre

State of the art Amazon Connect Contact Centre Solution delivered with the benefits of Cloud.

Whether you have a small simple contact centre, or a large multi-site centre in need of multimedia capabilities, Digital Island’s Cloud Contact Centre Solution will help you streamline business operations and boost customer satisfaction.

Digital Island’s Amazon Connect is delivered using proven AWS technology, is quick to deploy, simple to use and easy to scale. The solution can cater for five agents and upwards, either at a single location, multiple offices, or even working from home.

The solution is modular so can be customised to meet your business requirements and budget, and has optional services such as Enterprise Call Recording.

Amazon Connect is ideal for companies that:

• Need an affordable and feature-rich system
• Have five or more agents in the contact centre
• Run core voice reports (from over 90 report templates)
• Want a system that will enable them to grow and quickly add new agents

Improve Productivity — Desktop productivity tools – with integrated online presence, agent and queue control – enable agents to identify customers, conference in product experts and improve communications and call handling. Supervisors can change agent and queue availability, and adjust to unplanned call volumes.

First call resolution — Route calls to the most appropriately skilled agent based upon predefined agent skill levels.

Monitor and Manage — Real-time and historical reporting that provides contact center supervisors with the information they need when they need it to manage effectively. Identify problem areas, analyze trends in performance and make smart decisions.

Amazon Connect Includes:

Automated Call Distribution (ACD)

ACD helps businesses optimize resources by enabling them to handle large numbers of incoming customer calls and answer them with as few trained agents as possible. An ACD system routes incoming calls to the longest idle agent within a specific agent skills group. If no agents are available, calls are queued and forwarded to an agent when one becomes available.

ACD Group Presence

ACD Group Presence permits an agent to selectively join or leave an agent group (or a collection of agent groups) instantly without logging in or out.

Queue Prioritisation

Assign priority levels to each ACD path that determine how the system handles queued calls, what system resources to use, when the call is to be answered and which group will answer the call. For example, a queue receiving expensive incoming calls – such as collect long distance – can be assigned as a high-priority queue so those calls get answered first.

Predictive Routing

Predictive routing provides the ability to overflow calls from one group to another based on historical answer times from agents in that group.

Skill Proficiency Routing

Within any skill group, agents can be assigned a skill proficiency level (from 1 to 500). Calls to a skill group are then routed to the highest skilled available agent. If agents of equal skill proficiency are available, the call is routed to the longest idle agent. This ensures each call gets to the best available resource to meet the customer’s needs. Agents appearing in more than one skill group may be assigned a different skill proficiency level for each group.

Remote Agents

Extends full voice and data capabilities enjoyed by agents in your contact center to agents working at home or remotely. All a remote agent needs to be a fully integrated member of the contact center team is an IP phone, a PC, a home router and high-speed internet connection.

Cloud Contact Centre enables you to:

• Grow your contact center beyond the limits of its current facilities without increasing overhead
• Offer agents the option of working at home without the need, expense or hassle of a daily commute
• Recruit new skilled agents from outside your geographic area without requiring them to relocate
• Retain the services of skilled agents who move away from your operation due to relocations

Historical Reporting

MiContact Center Management reporting provides supervisors with enterprise-wide historical statistics that paint both the big picture and the call-by-call performance of each agent. Supervisors can generate, schedule and share reports over any date and time horizon.

Queue and Individual Agent Reporting

Queue reporting enables supervisors and management to determine how queues are performing, monitor staffing levels, identify problems and analyze trends.

Silent Monitoring

Silent monitoring enables a supervisor to monitor calls for quality purposes.

• Silent Monitoring: User – Silently listen to an agent’s telephone conversation in real-time, with or without the agent’s knowledge.
• Silent Monitoring: Group – Scan active calls in a group and silent monitor calls of their choice.
• Silent Monitoring: Barge – While monitoring a call, supervisors may join the call.
• Silent Monitoring: Help Request – During a call, an agent can request help from a supervisor, alerting them via the phone display to start silently monitoring the agent’s call.

Make Busy (with Reason Codes on MCD)

Agents can use the Make Busy feature to temporarily stop receiving ACD calls without having to log out and then log back in. This ensures that an agent does not receive calls while they are unavailable to answer them. Reason codes enable agents to select a reason for their Make Busy status from a predefined set of options.

Work Timer

A programmable time period (max of four hours) after each call that enables an agent to complete required tasks prior to receiving their next ACD call. This allows agents to fine tune their own performance by giving them a set time to complete paperwork and wrap up other activities before accepting another call, thereby reducing agent frustration.

Queue Status on Phone Display

Enables agents to view some basic queue statistics on their telephones, including group name, the number of active agents in the group, the number of calls waiting in the group queue, and the length of time the longest call has been waiting.

Digital Island’s Amazon Connect is powered by AWS.

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