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In this section we have put together the detail you’ll need to move to the cloud.

Telepo FAQs

What is Telepo again – but in plain english?
In the old days businesses relied on multiple copper phone lines plugged in to an on site phone system (or PBX typically in a cupboard/under the stairs/or in a computer rack) which would then – either via a receptionist or automatically send calls to individual phones around the business.
With the advent of fast and reliable internet (UFB) it became possible to replace the phone lines by putting the calls (voice) over the internet, which was then plugged into an updated version of the PBX.
This was a good solution, however now with modern technology we can now simplify everything – by putting the PBX into the “cloud” and removing the need to buy phone lines or a PBX box – Telepo replaces both of these.

Does Telepo have all the features I need?
Telepo is provided in NZ by Digital Island. As such it is a fully featured PBX and also includes many features well beyond a traditional PBX – such as web based reporting, call conferencing and the mobile application. So, yes Telepo can replace all the features of an on site PBX – all of this is included in the base licence.

How secure is Cloud PBX?
Telepo is very secure, it uses TLS Encryption to communicate with our dedicated voice servers which in turn, are protected by industry best practice security standards and practices.

Who is using Telepo Cloud PBX already?
We have thousands of seats across hundreds of businesses using Telepo today. As NZ’s leading cloud Telco we’ll be delighted to provide references in your or a closely related industry. Telepo has recently passed 3 million cloud subscribers globally.

How long does it take to install a Telepo solution?
Typically Telepo is in and running 3-4 weeks from order, Telepo requires fibre internet access and good cabling to be in place in your office. If you have UFB and a well established office, with all the details ready, Telepo can be running inside a week!

Steps to move your system to the cloud

  1. Firstly dig out all the existing agreements you have with your PBX vendor and the various suppliers you might have for your phones lines and internet. You have to do this to avoid any nasty surprises (contract terms etc), secondly we need to make sure we fully replicate and then improve the services you need to run your business.
  2. Do a quick count of the number of phones/sites you have and note any special requirements, such as night bells, cordless phones etc
  3. Have a quick chat to the staff who answer the main number, again make a note of any special requirements and especially “nice to haves” as Telepo supports some 500 additional features to make making and receiving calls simple. We would suggest drawing a basic diagram.
  4. OK, if you have UFB already or know its available in your area you are ready to go!
  5. You can either call 0800 999 010 and one of friendly sales staff will assist you though the process or simply click here to order online.

Whats happens after you order Telepo

  1. Within one business day of your order one of our project managers will be in touch with you by phone and email.
  2. From there we’ll check the setup with you, and get any additional details we need, and discuss the best time to the do the change over.
  3. A Digital Island tech will then visit on the day and run through the installation and train your staff.
  4. Your site will then go live and your Digital Island account manager will then be available to assist as required.

I’m ready to go

Configure your phone system and order today online, then we’ll call you to get everything setup.

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