What is DigiSMS

With a 98% open rate, DigiSMS is a powerful tool to get your message across quickly and in real-time, enabling improved employee and customer engagement.

Whether it’s business continuity planning, alerts, meeting reminders, you can be confident that 90% of your messages are read within 90 seconds!

Three simple ways to send messages


Market leading web interface for:

  • Send individual and bulk messages
  • Reviewing responses in inbox
  • Creating groups and templates
  • Message scheduling
  • Reporting message volumes
  • MessageMerge
  • Automation


Integrate your SMS with your business email to:

  • Send individual and bulk messages
  • Reviewing responses in inbox
  • Review all messages without leaving email interface 
  • Key for conversational type messages


Integrate SMS into 3rd party software to:

  • Create workflows and automate SMS messaging
  • Two-way messaging
  • Send automatic appointment reminders or alerts when triggered
  • Reduce manual work
  • Basic authentication
Send and receive text messages directly through SalesForce - Take a look.

Deliver automated, personalised messages that will get your customers attention, drive improved engagement and boost ROI for your business. The Digital Island integration makes it simple to set up one-way or two-way messaging for an engaging mobile experience your customers will love.

Send and receive text messages directly through MS Dynamics - Take a Look

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a powerful CRM to model and automate your business processes. The MS Dynamics integration allows you to easily incorporate SMS into business processes and streamline communications within a single source of truth.


Customer Use Cases

Business Continuity Plan
Whether you need to prevent a disaster or manage one, SMS lets you
instantly send real-time information to media, emergency responders, or the
general public.
Service Disruptions
Road closures, equipment failure, or plane delays – a simple SMS message keeps users up to date on the latest conditions.
Staff Updates
Send critical staff updates, such as last minute changes to arrangements or
emergency procedures. Can be used to communicate with employees in the field.
Other popular use cases include:
• Business Continuity and Emergency alerts
• Appointments
• Billing and payments
• Business communications and notifications
• Competitions
• Customer campaigns
• Marketing campaigns
• Staff Rosters

Benefits of DigSMS

Feature Function Benefits
Send Bulk SMS Using our bulk SMS service, businesses can send a single text message, broadcast to a select group of contacts, an entire address book or the client database. – Simple, quick and easy
– Scalable
– Cost effective & Economical
– Secure
Short Codes Short Codes are an ideal solution for businesses that want dedicated numbers that are half the length of normal phone numbers, making them faster to enter, easier to take in briefly, and therefore more memorable for the customer. – Efficient and improved communication capabilities
– Cost Effective
Short Trackable links This feature shortens URLs to just 22 characters, which improves the cost-effectiveness of your campaign, and tracks user engagement by recipient. – Convenient and flexible
– Efficient and improved communication capabilities
E-mail -Text Email to SMS converts standard emails into SMS messages, enabling you to send messages directly to your intended recipients. Supported platforms include Outlook, Gmail and Office365. – Convenient and flexible
– Efficient and improved communication capabilities
Webhooks Webhooks allows your application to receive real-time notifications of messaging events that occur on the Messaging platform. – Ensures efficient response times resulting in reduced IT downtime
Scheduled messaging Schedule your message and our SMS platform will deliver it at the selected time and date. – Save time and ensure timely communications
– Convenient
Reporting Track your SMS messages and understand delivery status in real-time through our visual reporting. – Improves efficiency
– Measure performance
Dedicated Numbers Dedicated numbers are allocated to your business, so all your messages originate from the same number, rather than from a pool of numbers. – Flexible and accessible
Web Admin Portal A user friendly company Wed Portal interface that lets the CA set predefined rules, control address books and distribution list as well the ability to generate comprehensive usage reports – Enables total centralised product control from the IT administrator



Destination Per SMS
0 – 2000 Texts (Vodafone, Telecom, 2Degrees) 16 Cents
2001 – 5000 Texts (Vodafone, Telecom, 2Degrees) (NZ Mobiles) 14 Cents
5001 – 15,000 Texts (Vodafone, Telecom, 2Degrees) 12 Cents