FaxBox fax to email service

Get your faxes delivered as emails straight to your inbox

Because FaxBox automatically converts each incoming fax to an email and delivers it to your inbox, you can collect your faxes from anywhere you can access your email. Sharing faxed information is as easy as forwarding the email on, and unlike forwarding a fax, the image quality is retained.

Delivery by email means that confidential documents will no longer be left lying on a fax machine, and you will avoid missing incoming faxes because your line is busy. Problems due to fading print and lost sheets of paper are a thing of the past, as with FaxBox documents faxed to you can be electronically saved in your computer.

FaxBox Features

  • Faxes sent to you are automatically converted to Adobe PDF documents and sent as email attachments to your nominated email address.
  • You can use your existing fax number for FaxBox, or we can provide a new number.
  • FaxBox enables you to send emails to fax machines from your email inbox.
  • Unique FaxBox numbers can be assigned to offices and departments to assist with cost management.
  • There is no need for a dedicated fax line or fax advantage product.

How FaxBox fax to email service works

To use your fax to email service:

  • Contact Digital Island to have FaxBox set up and to have a FaxBox number assigned, or to divert your existing fax number to your FaxBox service.
  • If you choose to have a new number assigned, advise your contacts of your new FaxBox number.
  • Check your email address to collect your faxes along with your normal emails.

Sending an email to a fax number is simple: address your fax to sendfax@faxbox.co.nz and put the destination fax number (including country or area code) in the subject line, attach the file you wish to send, then push send.

FaxBox users can also send an email to multiple fax numbers at once.

FaxBox Rates

The rates shown below apply to all faxes within New Zealand to landline numbers or toll free numbers, and to international geographic numbers in Australia, USA, UK, Canada and Ireland. Faxes sent to 0900 and mobile fax numbers, international mobile numbers, or international no geographic number will incur additional charges at Telecom’s standard rates.

Monthly rental for each FaxBox number $9.95 + gst (24 month term applies)

Approximate cost per page sent/received (based on average transmission time of 30 seconds per page): First two pages 25c + GST, then 12.5c per extra page.

All prices in NZD and exclusive of GST.

Contact Us

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