Call conferencing services for business

Communicate instantly with up to 150 people worldwide

Audio Conferencing is a convenient, cost effective method of communicating between organisations, businesses and individuals who may be spread around the city, the country, or even the world. Input from many people is possible in a timely way, and information can be instantly disseminated to large groups.

Digital Island offers flexible, cost effective Audio Conferencing solutions that can support groups of 150+ people, and can take place at anytime without pre-booking.

International conference calls are simple, as the Digital Island Audio Conferencing service is accessible from any phone, anywhere in the world. The charges for use of the Audio Conferencing service are simply billed to the conference organiser’s Digital Island account.

Audio Conferencing Features

  • Coded Access: perfect when extra security is needed. Each user must dial a selected PIN to enter the conference call.
  • Caller Announcements: each caller can record their name, which is then announced when they enter or leave the conference room (this feature can be enabled/disabled).
  • Instant Roll Call: each caller can hear a roll call of participants currently in a conference room.
  • Personalised Greeting: each conference administrator can set up their own conference room with a personalised greeting.
  • Caller Mute: each caller has the option to mute/unmute their own voice, and the conference moderator can mute all participants to control background noise.
  • Call Volume: each caller has the option to increase or decrease the volume of their connection.
  • Caller Disconnect: the conference moderator has the option to disconnect all callers once the conference has completed, a must to eliminate conference call over-runs.
  • Call Recording: the conference administrator can be emailed a recording of the conference call for future reference.

Audio Conferencing Instructions

  • People who wish to participate in the conference are instructed to call a particular number.
  • They then enter an access code, which then connects them to the conference call.
  • Callers within New Zealand access the Digital Island Call Conferencing service via an 0800 toll free number.
  • Please check national and international access numbers in our call conferencing user guide.

Audio Conferencing Rates

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Find all instructions on how to use this service in our simple to follow PDF’s that you can download.