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Shared Mobile Plans

Digital Island currently provides mobile services to many small and large business in New Zealand. 

Our mobile service offers great value plans for any business size, flexibility around how you use the service and great reliability and coverage powered by the Spark mobile network.  

Why Digital Island Mobile?

Value based plans design to meet the needs of kiwi businesses

Self-service options for monitoring usage and changes through our online portal

Flexible payment options for mobile hardware through our exclusive MobiPay service

All the standard services you expect like great coverage, mobile roaming, voicemail etc

DigiShare plans offer businesses ultimate flexibility, especially for managing a larger fleet of mobiles. 
Our smart self-service online portal will allow you to allocate data limits out based on users or individual role profiles to control your data usage

Simply add a DigiShare Voice & Text plan for each individual user and then select the right size data bucket add-on for your account. 

Voice & Text Plan
Shared Data Bucket
$25.00 per/month
$ Monthly charge varies on data bucket size
Enjoy unlimited call, texts and endless data
Open Term
We have a large range of Data Bucket sizes and price options available to fit your business needs.
Unlimited calling and Texts to standard NZ/AUS numbers*
Fair use policy applies
Hotspotting & tethering included
Talk to us about the best data option for your team
Voicemail Included
VMobiPay available


MobiPay lets you upgrade to a new mobile handset from our range and pay it off in monthly instalments interest free on a 24 month term commitment.  It’s the simple way to upgrade a single device, or your whole business fleet, without large upfront costs.  

Important things to know

  • In order to qualify for MobiPay, each mobile device purchased must have a corresponding mobile connection.
  • The purchase price for the Mobile Device will be payable in equal consecutive monthly instalments over 24 months.
  • Early termination fees may apply.  Full terms and conditions are available here.

Important things to know

Plan General Terms

  • Digital Island standard Terms and Conditions apply Terms & Conditions – Digital Island
  • Endless 80GB plan only available on a 24 month term.
  • All rates are GST exclusive.
  • Unlimited minutes, data and texts are subject to our fair use policy.
  • All pricing is subject to change without notice.
  • If you do not use all the minutes, texts or data included in a plan, these will expire at the end of your billing term and cannot be carried forward or redeemed.
  • When travelling overseas voice and data roaming charges apply. To see these charges, go to Mobile roaming rates – Digital Island
  • Plan upgrades will be processed free of charge and apply from the 1st of the following month.
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Endless Mobile

  • Network traffic management may apply during busy times. That means if lots of people are chatting, streaming and scrolling at the same time, in the same place, we may have to temporarily slow data speeds in that area. That way, no one misses out and everyone stays connected.

Endless data

  • Endless data is for personal New Zealand use on your phone only.
  • Excludes roaming data.
  • Speeds reduced after maximum speed data allowance exceeded per billing cycle. You’ll still be able to use your data as you did before, but you’ll experience some degradation (such as lower video resolution) when watching video, streaming or loading images.
  • Machine-to-machine services or any other similar activity that Digital Island considers non-standard personal usage is prohibited (“Prohibited Usage”).
  • Tethering or hotspot is available, but speeds will be reduced after included data allocation.

Unlimited calls

  • You get unlimited calls to standard New Zealand and Australian numbers (you need to be calling another person).
  • Included minutes do not include calls to international, 0900, roaming, or operator assist numbers; directory related services; or calls to special numbers.
  • If you’re engaging in Prohibited Usage, we may contact you and ask you to stop such usage. If such Prohibited Usage continues despite notification from us, we may remove your subscription immediately with notice.

Unlimited texts

  • You get unlimited texts to standard New Zealand and Australian numbers (you need to be texting another person)
  • It excludes premium and special numbers and roaming.
  • Unlimited texts cannot be used for any activity that Digital Island considers non-standard personal use (“Prohibited Usage”), including but not limited to:
  • Re-supply
  • Call centre use
  • Telemarketing
  • Bulk messaging
  • Application-to-person communication
  • Machine to machine communication (including by using your SIM card in any other device)
  • Cellular Trunking Units (CTUs)
  • If we consider that you’re engaging in Prohibited Usage, we may contact you and ask you to stop such usage. If such Prohibited Usage continues despite notification from us, we may remove your subscription immediately with notice.
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What does Endless data mean?
Endless New Zealand data means you can browse the web, stream content, upload, download and play games. While there are no caps on how much data you use, after allocated data at maximum speed, Digital Island will reduce your speed to a maximum of 1.2Mbps for the remainder of the billing cycle; this will impact your experience. No tethering and mobile hotspot unless you buy a Hotspot extra or if Hotspot data is included in your plan. Endless data is for use on mobile devices only.

Who’s eligible for these plans?
Digital Island business customers can buy these plans.

Are the DigiEndless Plans and DigiShare Plans compatible with tablets?
These plans are restricted for mobile use only, and can’t be used on any other device, including SIM-enabled tablets, t-sticks, modems.  A DigiData plan should be purchased for use in data only devices.

I’m on a Wireless Broadband plan. Can I use a DigiEndless, DigiShared or DigiDate plan in this device?
No. The Endless plans aren’t designed to replace wireless broadband.  Wireless Broadband provides a more suitable level of service to support the way customers use the internet.