Corporate Fibre

Corporate Fibre is the term we use for fibre optic data services that are guaranteed to deliver rated speeds (e.g. 500Mbps) for both upload and download 24/7, and include Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) to ensure they also provide the highest possible levels of reliability.

These services are the “gold standard”, meaning your organisation can rely on Corporate Fibre to support:

  • The primary connection to a WAN (ie at the Data Centre or Server location).
  • Large offices and locations where internet and data services are critical
  • Educational institutions where it is likely very heavy loads will be put on the circuits (ie 100’s of students flooding onto the Wifi)
  • Media operations where ultra reliable streaming is paramount

In most cases we will use the next generation ‘Bitstream4’ fibre product, which is a dedicated fibre connection delivered over the UFB Network. Bitstream4 conforms to the International MEF standard for ethernet-access which is commonly regarded as the benchmark for carrier grade connectivity. 

We can also use other fibre providers where necessary to deliver the best option for the particular site you need connectivity.

Get a free fibre analysis

Corporate Fibre pricing depends on which fibre products are available at each location. It is always best to talk to our data specialists about a Free Fibre Analysis for your business.

Benefits of Corporate Fibre

Our Corporate Fibre has specifically been designed to support data, voice and video traffic. The bandwidth of a Fibre Optic service is synchronous, with speeds from 100Mbps to 1Gbps, which means Fibre is suitable for all enterprise level applications.

  • Improved information and data flow –faster web browsing, file upload/downloads, etc.
  • High definition (HD) quality video conferencing
  • Supports internet based backup systems for much larger amounts of data
  • Increased reliability
  • Provides fast and cost effective access to cloud computing
  • Improved voice communications capabilities at lower costs by utilising Cloud PBX

Corporate Fibre Optic solutions are delivered with guaranteed speeds and maximum reliability over a dedicated circuit.

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