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Global mobile roaming

Digital Island mobile gives you complete freedom to roam the globe with more than 210 worldwide destinations supported, and stay in full contact with no effort at all. It’s so simple.


Before you travel, simply visit the portal, select your pack or packs for each mobile that is travelling. You’ll need to select as many as you need – if you are away for a week – select a single pack, if you are away for 3 weeks, you’ll need 3 packs (i.e. 21 days). When you get off the plane, turn on your phone, and you are connected.

This process is simple, if you need some help please don’t hesitate to call on 0800 999 010.


Countries Pack 1 – Value Bundle Pack 2 – Data only
Argentina, Australia, Brazil , Canada, China, Fiji, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Republic of Ireland, Samoa, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Tonga, UAE, UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), USA (including Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands), Vanuatu and Venezuela 500 mb data
200 txts
200 inbound minutes
200 outbound minutes
500mb Data Only 
Both packs are valid for 7 days  $20   $15 

* From the 14th of August 2017, Digital Island will no longer provide mobile data roaming services onboard cruise ships & airplanes. Voice & text services will still be available.
All prices are shown in NZD and exclusive of gst. Pricing is subject to change without notice. Fair Use Policy* applies to data usage on the daily rate. Digital Island’s Data Roaming Fair Use Policy means that the flat rate above may not apply when a subscriber uses materially more data when roaming than they do domestically. Daily rate applies from the first KB of data usage, applies from 12:00AM to 12:00PM NZ local time, and is the maximum charge per day.  The MB rate is charged in 10KB increments. All Outbound Calling refers to all call types with the exception of calls to Satellite devices or calls to Sea and Air (Maritime). Per day data roaming refers to 200MB per day. Overage charges for 200 MB per day are: $0.50/MB in Australia. $1/MB in Canada, China, Fiji, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Tonga, UK, USA, Vanuatu; 


Outbound calls
Per minute
Inbound calls
Per minute
Outbound texts
Per text
Data use
Per MB or Per Day
Australia and Christmas Island 59c $1.20 95c
per day for 200MB*
Canada, China, Fiji, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Macau, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Tonga, United Kingdom, USA, Vanuatu $2.89 $1.20 95c
per day for 200MB*
Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Vatican, San Marino, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Portugal, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Vietnam $3.99 $1.20 95c
per MB
Rest of world
All countries not listed above.
$4.99 $1.20 95c
per MB
In-flight & At Sea roaming $13.00 $1.20 95c
Not available*

Roaming Packs are available for purchase 8am-6pm Monday to Friday via the Digital Island Support team on 0800 999 010 (+6496311360) or your Account Manager.
Roaming Packs can be purchased in advance of your trip or while you are overseas. Reoccurring packs are highly recommended for frequent travelers.

Roaming tips for before you leave New Zealand

Check your mobile phone’s user guide before you go to ensure you know how to switch on flight mode, connect to local WiFi networks and turn off the automatic download of emails.

Make sure you have your voicemail pin ready to go. To check your voicemail while roaming you’ll need your voicemail PIN number. To check or change your PIN number:

  1. Access your voicemail from within NZ as usual
  2. Select option 3 ‘Change your personal options’
  3. Select option 2 ‘Change your PIN’
  4. You will now hear your PIN

Roaming with an iPad or tablet?

These devices cannot receive SMS alerts from us, so if you’d like to check your data usage contact us or call +64 9 631 1360  during our NZ business hours of 8am-6pm, Monday- Friday.

Clearing your voice mail

Call +64 83083210 to check your mobile’s voicemail.

When you arrive with your Android, iPhone, iPad or Nokia Windows mobile, put your device on ‘Manual’ for freedom to select a network:

Android: Select Apps > Select Telco Services/TelecomNZ/SIM Toolkit > Select Roaming Menu > Select Manual > Select Sponsor (local network) or TNZ > Select Accept  (Depending on version of SIM card and OS the name of the second step will vary)

iPhone: Select Settings > Select Phone > Select SIM Application > Select Roaming Menu > Select Manual > Select Sponsor (local network) or TNZ > Select Accept

iPad: Select Settings > Select Mobile Data > Select SIM Application > Select Roaming Menu > Select Manual > Select Sponsor (local network) or TNZ > Select Accept

Nokia with Windows Mobile: Select: Settings > SIM Application > Show Applications > Roaming Menu > Manual > Sponsor (Local networks) or TNZ

Problems while overseas? Please contact our 24/7 roaming specialists on +6433710866.

If your device is lost or stolen while you’re overseas, contact Digital Island straight away to block your SIM. If you don’t do this immediately, you will be responsible for all calls made or data used on the device until it’s blocked.

Also if you have stored any passwords or other important information on your device you should immediately take action to change these.

Because you’ll be roaming on different networks, we can’t guarantee the quality and availability of the network or coverage while you’re overseas.

If you return to New Zealand and cannot get service, you will need to use the SIM applications menu and select TNZ.