Our IT partners

Our Partners
From inception, Digital Island has worked extremely closely with New Zealand’s IT community, with an emphasis on expert advice, innovative solutions and of course responsive personalised service. If you are looking for proven a IT provider who meets our high standards of quality, let us know, we'll be happy to recommend a company we think will suit your business needs.

About the Digital Island Partner Programme

About the Digital Island Partner Programme
The Digital Island partner program is designed to improve the growth and profitability of our businesses through working closely together. Benefits of the program include; increased customer acquisition, combined ICT & Telco solution selling, collaborative marketing activities, cooperation on provisioning and support, and the reduction of operating costs.

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If you would like to become a partner, and would like to talk about making joint proposals, deals for your business, and making referrals, please contact us.
  Benefits to your business:
  • Enable your deals by providing your customers with savings on their telecommunications
  • Enable your sales team to pitch complete ICT & telco solutions
  • Receive qualified referrals from our customer base of New Zealand businesses
  • Benefit from joint marketing & PR activities
  • Provide your staff with ongoing telecommunications product knowledge and expert advice
  • Improve provisioning and support functions through close cooperation with our operations team
  • Receive our discounted partner telecommunications rates