SIP trunk connections

Consolidate your communications

Future proof your business with IP Voice. Digital Island’s IP Voice services combine our premium data connections with our business grade SIP trunks and IP PBXs, to provide Ultra Fast Broadband, high quality VoIP calling with a superior level of call quality equal to traditional phone lines, and access to Unified Computing and Cloud computing technologies.

Eliminate the need to purchase expensive traditional phone lines, and benefit from efficient and cost effective voice and data communication, with no compromise on quality and service.

Our SIP trunking allows you to reduce infrastructure and get optimum use from your data bandwidth by combining both voice and data on a single data connection. Digital Island SIP trunks are suitable for medium and large enterprises with the requirement for dozens of high quality voice channels, through to small businesses with a PBX and just a few phone lines.

A Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) Trunk is a direct connection from a client-side IP PBX to Digital Island’s telephone network. SIP Trunks carry multiple voice channels over a dedicated data connection using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), delivering voice traffic with the same call quality levels as traditional analogue and ISDN landlines.

Lower your communication costs with SIP

  • Free calling to group Digital Island mobiles
  • 1c per minute local calling
  • 5c per minute national calling
  • 12c per minute calling to mobiles
  • Extremely competitive international rates
  • SIP channels $12 per month / 20 Channel Minimum – Refer Cloud PBX options for sites requiring less than 20 channels.
  • SIP set up PoA (Price on application)

DigiSIP completely eliminates the need for ISDN or POTS phone lines and the cost savings from eliminating phones lines can often offset the cost of a premium data circuit, especially for smaller companies looking to upgrade from best-effort ADSL to a Premium Data product. For larger companies who are looking to reduce cost, a DigiSIP 30 voice channel service can often be delivered for half the cost of the traditional ISDN phone line.

Get high quality & reliability

  • The Digital Island SIP Trunk service delivers the same business grade quality and reliability as traditional voice access products, such as ISDN PRA/BRA phone lines.
  • DigiSIP trunks are only delivered over dedicated data circuits from our Premium Data product range, and voice calls remain high quality due to our Quality of Service (QoS) which ensures voice connections are not interrupted by data flow.
  • DigiSIP trunks use the international G.711 standard for pulse code modulation, digitising analog voice signals to produce a high quality output at 64Kbps.
  • Rather than routing through the public internet, DigiSIP routes voice data to the PSTN over private networks, guaranteeing end to end quality.
  • Digital Island’s VoIP gateway is built from the ground up to deliver business grade reliability, which is significantly more reliable than the lower cost services designed to cater for the residential end of the market.
  • Your existing data bandwidth can often be used to support voice traffic.
  • SIP trunks are fully scalable allowing the addition of extra voice channels as your business requirements change.
  • For enterprises where voice communications are mission critical, DigiSIP can be used as either a primary or backup voice connection to their IP PBX.

Business VoIP calling

VoIP calling enables businesses to reduce calling costs. Rates for local and national calling are reduced by around 30%, with International rates up to 50% less depending on the destination. Business VoIP calling is delivered over ultra-fast broadband, ensuring that the quality and reliability is the same if not better than traditional phone lines.

The key benefit of VoIP for multi-site companies is providing free extension to extension calling between staff located at branches across the city, country or even the world.

VoIP phone systems (IP PBXs)

IP PBXs deliver off the shelf functionality and scalability far beyond the traditional PBX. They include features such as call recording, conferencing and call centre functionality previously only found in high end specialist solutions. VoIP PBXs can enable free ‘internal’ extension to extension calling even between remote users, and the use of unified communications. Read more about the IP phone systems that we recommend.

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