Premium UFB

For Businesses that heavily rely on Internet Connectivity

Many small to medium businesses use ADSL, VDSL or standard UFB (Ultra-Fast Broadband) to deliver their Internet connectivity. However for businesses that rely heavily on Internet connectivity, the ‘best effort’ nature of standard broadband services may not be the right fit for their business requirements.

Key Benefits of Premium UFB

Premium UFB (also referred to as UFB 3A) is designed as a step up from standard broadband/UFB to provide a higher level of service and more advanced features. It’s a UFB connection designed specifically for business and is backed by our Premium Business Guarantee.

  • Awesome speeds – options up to 200Mbps both download and upload
  • Guaranteed Bandwidth for business critical applications (ie Voice/Citrix)
  • 5Mbps CIR for 50M / 10Mbps CIR for 100M
  • 99.5% uptime SLA per month
  • Pro-active monitoring
  • Ideal for cloud based applications (Cloud phone system,, Office365 etc.)
Premium UFB Plans Monthly Rate*
Premium UFB 50M/50M Unlimited $299
Premium UFB 100M/100M Unlimited $399

*Installation charges are $199. All prices quoted are exclusive of GST, 24 month contract. Unlimited data plans are subject to our fair use policy.

How fast is Premium UFB?

Our 100Mbps speeds make the largest uploads and downloads seem like a breeze.

  • Transferring of very large files in 60 seconds*
  • Clear HD video conferencing
  • Watch videos without buffering
  • Real-time streaming of audio and videos
  • Faster access to Cloud applications

*60 seconds is an average. File transfer times may vary.

So what’s the difference between Premium UFB and Business UFB?

If you’re using a standard broadband service (ADSL, VDSL or standard UFB) and your internet goes down, you get put into a common faults queue along with all the faults for home users and other small businesses, and in some cases can take days to rectify – just think of the impact on your business if the Internet was to go down for two days.

With Premium UFB you get 10Mbps CIR (committed information rate) which refers to the level of traffic that the circuit is committed to achieving, even if the UFB network is congested. Having a good level of CIR (at least 10Mbps) is extremely important if your business is running services that are real-time such as VoIP, video conferencing or remote desktop / citrix services.

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