A powerful and flexible call recording solution. Essential for any business, call recording provides indisputable facts about what was said in conversations.

Capture valuable customer interaction.

As an optional add-on for Telepo, call recording is essential for any company that sees value in recording phone based interactions. These recordings can be used for several purposes, however probably the most valuable one is dispute resolution. A dispute about what was said in a phone conversation can have wide reaching implications that waste a huge amount of time and money. Call recording completely eliminates these arguments, and defuses disputes before they can escalate.   Call recording is also a powerful evaluation / training tool. Supervisors can review and evaluate an agent’s recordings (advanced recording only) against criteria such as call handling, technical knowledge etc, which gives great insight into where they may need extra training.   Call recording is completely automatic, and the easy and intuitive web portal gives users access to search for and playback the relevant recordings. Recordings can also be downloaded or emailed from the portal.

Customer Benefits:

  • Record inbound and outbound calls automatically
  • Minimize liability risk and ensure regulatory compliance
  • Easy resolution to customer disputes
  • Improve customer strategy by identifying trends taking place within your business
  • Increase revenues by promoting strong sales techniques
  • Flexible cloud based recording storage
  • Securely access call recordings via Cloud based portal

Recording Features – Standard vs Advanced


* Legal Implications
The legality of recording customer calls is not specifically covered in NZ law, however there are aspects of existing law which can apply (such as the privacy act). General consensus is that call recording is legal as long as the content of the conversation is not sensitive, and one party is aware of, and agrees to the recording. However, it is recommended that companies advise callers that their message may be recorded. A message such as ‘your call may be recorded for training or quality control purposes’ should be sufficient.