In the eye of the storm – having the hindsight of moving to our CLOUD PBX solution TELEPO

We’re all experiencing the aftermath of the storm – trees blocking roads, fences and roofs damaged, power down and phones on the blink. Particularly, SMEs are being caught without a recovery plan and subsequently finding themselves cut off from their customers and business networks.

In-house hosted legacy phone networks are rendered useless during power outages. We find that businesses depending on our Telepo Cloud PBX telephony system have an instant disaster recovery plan – keeping their communication lines open.

Benefits include:

· enabling remote workers to connect to your customers from anywhere;

· providing an offsite infrastructure to help safeguard communications assets;

· minimal infrastructure investment and maintenance;

· having access to business phone-lists via smartphones, laptops and other mobile devices; and

· offering scalable per-person-per-month billing.

Our TELEPO solution provides the flexibility you need when disaster strikes.