Inside the Digital Island CX Workshop: Farm Source’s Transformative Journey

We’ve spoken at length about the tangible benefits of our Customer Service (CX) Accelerator Lab in the past, but we’ve never really taken you inside the boardroom to show you how it all works. While we wholeheartedly believe that every NZ business with a contact centre needs a thorough, objective investigation of their processes from a trusted pro like Digital Island, at the moment, it’s the most forward-thinking organisations that are reaping the benefits.

Farm Source, a key division of New Zealand’s largest company and the world’s biggest processor of dairy products, graciously allowed us to share their CX Accelerator Lab experience. In this article, we’ll give you a behind-the-scenes look at a Digital Island CX Accelerator Lab in motion, and see how Farm Source used our in-depth review and actionable strategies to elevate their contact centre operations and align them with their broader business goals. Grab a cuppa and a muffin and let’s take you inside their transformative journey.

Get your Contact Centre Workshop Assessment

Get your Contact Centre Workshop Assessment

1. Understanding the Client: NZ Farm Source

Farm Source, the retail and service platform for the country’s largest company, supports New Zealand’s dairy farmers by providing a wide range of products and services that enhance farm operations.

Beyond their 65 retail stores nationwide, Farm Source acts as a crucial hub, offering not just information but also fostering a sense of belonging and support for our often isolated farming communities. With a focus on continuous improvement, Farm Source was eager to see how the Digital Island CX Accelerator Lab could help refine their contact centre operations.

Their contact centre is a key touchpoint, managing a high volume of daily interactions with farmers. Given their scale and the significance of their operations, Farm Source was keen to optimise their contact centre processes to make sure they were providing the best possible service. This is where the CX Accelerator Lab came in.

By participating in the CX Accelerator Lab, Farm Source aimed to get an objective view of their current operations, identify areas for improvement, and develop strategies to enhance their customer service. The Lab provided them with a thorough review and practical, actionable steps to elevate their contact centre’s performance and better align it with their broader business goals.

2. The Digital Island CX Accelerator Lab Experience

Pre-Workshop Preparation

Farm Source’s journey with the CX Accelerator Lab began with priming mindsets with some pre-workshop preparation. To understand the unique challenges and goals of Farm Source’s contact centre, we started with a detailed pre-workshop questionnaire. This helped our consultants gain a high-level understanding of their operations and identify specific areas to focus on during the workshop.

Workshop Day

On the day of the workshop, we brought together 15 participants from four different departments at Farm Source. The diversity of attendees made sure we could collect a comprehensive view of the contact centre’s operations and encourage cross-departmental collaboration. The workshop reviewed five key areas: 

  1. Strategy, Customer Management
  2. KPIs
  3. Data and Reporting
  4. Staffing and Workforce Management (WFM)
  5. Technology

Each area was thoroughly examined to identify what was working well, what needed improvement, and what opportunities might be available. The insights and expertise of every participant were crucial, encouraging a genuinely collaborative setting. 

This inclusivity wasn’t just for show — it’s a core principle that, in our experience, provides the best possible insights. By valuing and incorporating diverse perspectives, we were able to develop strategies that were well-rounded and directly addressed the real-world challenges faced by Farm Source’s contact centre.

Post-Workshop Analysis and Reporting

Following the workshop, our consultant collated all the data and insights gathered into a comprehensive report. This report included detailed input from all attendees, organised into key themes, and provided specific recommendations based on industry trends and best practices.

The report featured a CX scorecard for each key area, offering a clear snapshot of the current state of Farm Source’s contact centre operations. It also presented a CX improvement roadmap, outlining prioritised actions and assigning key responsibilities. This roadmap served as a strategic guide for Farm Source to follow, making sure that their efforts were aligned with their broader business goals.

3. Benefits and Impact

Participating in the CX Accelerator Lab provided Farm Source with several, tangible benefits:

  • Objective Assessment: Offered an unbiased view of their contact centre operations, highlighting strengths and areas needing improvement.
  • Comprehensive Roadmap: Created a detailed, actionable plan for CX improvement, aligned with their business goals.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Encouraged genuine teamwork across different departments, ensuring all voices were heard and valued.
  • Quick Wins and Long-Term Projects: Identified both easy-to-implement improvements and longer-term projects, ensuring a balanced approach to enhancement.

By genuinely taking the insights and recommendations from the CX Accelerator Lab onboard, Farm Source was able to make informed decisions, optimise their contact centre processes, and ultimately provide a superior service experience for their hard-working and otherwise isolated community.

4. Testimonials from Farm Source Employees

While this peek behind the curtain has aimed to give you some insight to show you how the CX Accelerator Lab works, you might be wondering what the team at Farm Source took away from the process. After all, hearing directly from those who experienced it firsthand offers the best proof of its value. Here’s what the Farm Source team had to say about their journey with the CX Accelerator Lab:

Shelley Keighley, Manager of the Farmer Support Team: “The revelation that call evaluations can be performed more frequently using AI was my standout moment from the workshop. This insight is set to revolutionise our approach to customer experience.”

Mel Tuck, Head of Service Centre: “The comprehensive 65-page report we received post-workshop was instrumental in giving us a clear sense of direction. It not only validated our thinking but also provided valuable recommendations and next steps.”

Julia Taylor, Channel Performance Manager: “The detailed report challenged our team’s thinking and brought to light aspects we hadn’t considered before. It’s been a valuable resource in our strategic planning.”

Paula Twining, Manager of the Farmer Relationship Team: “The in-depth report has been a valuable resource in enhancing our relationships with farmers. It’s given us a fresh perspective and a strategic table of activities to improve on the overall farmer experience.”

Jeremy Dennis, Performance and Optimisation Lead: “The workshop and the subsequent report have given us valuable insights into how we can optimise our operations. We’re now equipped with the knowledge to make informed decisions that will positively impact our performance.”

Joel Spring, Feedback and Resolution Lead: “The detailed report underscored the importance of feedback in our process. We’re now more confident in our ability to resolve issues effectively and improve our service.”

Where to Next With Digital Island

The Digital Island CX Accelerator Lab experience has proven to be a catalyst for positive change at Farm Source. By participating in the Lab, Farm Source now benefits from an objective assessment of their operations, a detailed improvement roadmap, and enhanced cross-departmental collaboration. These changes have positioned them to deliver superior service to their farmer clients, driving higher satisfaction and efficiency.

We admit, the hardest part of reaping these benefits is time. The ability to put so many crucial team members in the same room is always at a premium, but we ask you — can you afford not to? The insights gained and the strategies developed during the CX Accelerator Lab have provided Farm Source with the tools they need to continuously improve and excel in their customer service efforts.

Farm Source has shown that dedicating the time and resources to such a thorough and collaborative process leads to significant, tangible benefits. Their success story is yet more proof of the power of the CX Accelerator Lab in transforming contact centre operations.

If you’re looking to transform your contact centre and achieve similar success, consider partnering with Digital Island. Our CX Accelerator Lab offers the expertise and actionable strategies needed to optimise your operations and enhance your customer experience. Reach out to us today and let’s embark on a transformative journey together, just like Farm Source did.

Get your Contact Centre Workshop Assessment

Get your Contact Centre Workshop Assessment


1. What are the benefits of the Digital Island CX Accelerator Lab for NZ contact centres?

The Digital Island CX Accelerator Lab offers numerous benefits for contact centres, including an objective assessment of operations, a detailed roadmap for improvement, enhanced cross-departmental collaboration, and actionable strategies to optimise customer service and operational efficiency.

2. How can the Digital Island CX Accelerator Lab improve NZ customer satisfaction?

By identifying areas for improvement and implementing best practices, the CX Accelerator Lab helps contact centres streamline their operations, improve response times, and enhance overall service quality, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

3. What key areas are evaluated in the Digital Island CX Accelerator Lab?

The CX Accelerator Lab evaluates five key areas: Strategy, Customer Management, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Data and Reporting, Staffing and Workforce Management (WFM), and Technology, providing a comprehensive review to optimise contact centre operations.

4. How does the Digital Island CX Accelerator Lab support cross-departmental collaboration?

The CX Accelerator Lab fosters cross-departmental collaboration by involving diverse team members in the evaluation process, ensuring that insights from all areas are considered. This inclusive approach leads to well-rounded strategies that address the real-world challenges faced by contact centres.

5. What makes the Digital Island CX Accelerator Lab unique compared to other NZ consultancy services?

The Digital Island CX Accelerator Lab stands out due to its thorough pre-workshop preparation, comprehensive evaluation process, detailed reporting, and actionable improvement roadmap. This hands-on, collaborative approach ensures tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of each NZ contact centre.