To provide companies with better spend management when their users travel overseas, there is a roaming data spend control applied to all mobile connections. This control is designed to help companies manage roaming spend and avoid major unforeseen charges when users are using Digital Island mobile services abroad. How it works is, once charges for casual roaming data reaches 80% of the predetermined level for that user (default of $500), users and admin (depending on alerting settings) will receive a notification alerting that the user is getting close to the set spend for the month. When that level is reached (or can be slightly over due to roaming records delay) roaming data for that connection will be barred for the remainder of the month. The barring will prevent any further unexpected roaming data charges until the spend control resets at midnight NZ time on the 1st of the following month. If you are wanting the user to continue with roaming data and accept the associated costs, then roaming can be re-enabled via the MyIsland portal.
See bottom of page for roaming data spend control terms and conditions