1.1. The standard Digital Island Terms and Conditions apply found at http://digiisland.wpengine.com/our-island/terms-conditions/
1.2. Additional terms apply to customer’s partaking in the offer as defined below.
1.3. “Digital Island” means Digital Island Limited, Level 3, 8 Nugent Street, Grafton, Auckland.

This offer applies to new customers only.

2.1. “Customer” means the Digital Island new or existing customer moving from legacy voice services to Telepo, who accept this offer and sign up for Telepo.
2.2. “The offer” is Three standard Month’s Free Subscription to Telepo Cloud PBX system, and Unlimited Calling (within the same period) to any business that signs up for a new Telepo Cloud PBX system during the promotion period.
2.2.1. Three standard Free Months will be executed through a monthly credit for Telepo User profiles with Bundled Calling and will be applied on the 6th, 12th and 18th month of the contract.
2.2.2. The offer is based on a minimum 24-month contract term. Termination fees will apply if cancelled before the term expires and any promotional offers will be added to the standard termination fees.
2.2.3. The offer is not valid in conjunction with any other discounts, promotions or channel partner agreements.
2.3. Early Termination Fees calculated on 75% of the outstanding balance, apply.
2.4. All communications will be by email to the email address as supplied by the customer in response to the offer. Emails sent to the customer will be deemed ‘read’ unless an alternative means of communication is jointly agreed on.
2.5. A minimum of 20 connections applies.
2.6. Not available to existing Digital Island MiCloud or Voice (Legacy & SIP) customers migrating to Telepo.
2.7. Early Termination Fees apply
2.8. “The Promotion period”, starts on 21 Jan 2018 and ends on 31 Mar 2018. The promotion period may be extended beyond the end date, at Digital Island’s discretion, as communicated on Digital Island’s website.

3.1. The scheduled installation dates will be by agreement between Digital Island and the customer.

4.1. The offers may not be transferred, converted to a dollar value for other services or products.
4.2. Customers must have all Telepo users on all sites on the Inclusive calling profile.
4.3. The Inclusive calling plan is for standard business purposes only, excludes outbound contact centres, continuous calling forwarding, premium calling services.
4.4. Fair Use Policy applies to Unlimited Calling. If use materially exceeds estimated customer use of this service (referenced against customer profiles), we may ask the customer to moderate usage. If the customer fails to do so, Digital Island reserves the right to withdraw the service and\or recover any associated costs.
4.5. On expiry of 24-month contract, the pricing will automatically be moved to Open Term and Pay As You Go rates.
4.6. Once off $250 Prezzy Card per partner organisation qualified as a minimum of a 30 Telepo seat deal.