1.1. The standard Digital Island Terms and Conditions apply found at http://digiisland.wpengine.com/our-island/terms-conditions/
1.2. Additional terms apply to partners partaking in the offer as defined below.
1.3. “Digital Island” means Digital Island Limited, Level 3, 8 Nugent Street, Grafton, Auckland.

2.1. Samsung Galaxy S10 will be earned on a deal where a client either transfers a minimum of 10 (ten) of their own mobiles across or refers a minimum of 10 (ten) of another business’s mobiles to Digital Island. 
2.1.1. Must be on a 24-month agreement.
2.1.2. Only referrals via email will be considered providing the business name; contact name; contact phone number; full business address.
2.1.3. The 10 mobiles need to be voice connections (not data-only).
2.2.  Existing product promotions apply. 
2.3. The Samsung S10 can be claimed once the customer has paid the first invoice.
2.4. Not valid if special pricing applied to the solution.
2.5. The promotional period expires on COB of 30 Oct 2019.
2.6. The Galaxy S10 phone incentive is not redeemable for cash.
2.7. The Galaxy S10 phone incentive may be exchanged for another smartphone of equal or lesser value.
2.8. The Galaxy S10 phone incentive will be provided as a sealed boxed device only – no phone plans apply.