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Network & service status

Service Status Update

Status Service Issue
Premium data services 21/03/2018 – 4:17pm – One carrier is having some browsing issues/slowness, for INTERNATIONAL BANDWIDTH / traffic.
No ETA currently, but under action currently as a priority.

21/03/2018 – 4:59pm – A damaged fibre in Australia has been identified as the cause, where Australian teams are urgently getting repaired.

NO ETA currently, where traffic has already been re-routed to help.

UFB services No current issues
DSL services No current issues
Cloud PBX services No current issues
IP Voice services No current issues
Mobile services No current issues
Conferencing No current issues
Phone lines & calling No current issues
Toll free No current issues
Other services No current issues


No issues Minor issues Major Issues

If you are having any problems with your Digital Island service please contact us immediately, and we will do our utmost to resolve them. If your problem is urgent please call us on 0800 999 010 or from overseas, dial +64 9 631 1360.