How AI Can Boost Your Contact Centre’s Efficiency Right Now

Let’s be honest — AI is everywhere in the news. Everyone’s talking about it, throwing around jargon and grandiose predictions, and making it sound like a fundamental game-changer for the future. But for those of us working day-to-day, especially in places like contact centres, it’s easy to wonder, “Okay, but what does that mean for me today?”

There’s so much talk about what AI might do, but what about what it can do right now? More to the point, many of your competitors have already decoded this AI puzzle. They’re not just talking; they’re doing. They’re using AI to improve their services, streamline operations, and, crucially, get ahead. This article is about cutting through the noise not just to understand AI, but to see how you can use it to increase your contact centre’s efficiency, starting today.

Demystifying AI: A Primer for Contact Centre Professionals

What is AI?

AI is like the broad umbrella of creating machines that can think, learn, and act intelligently. It’s all about giving machines a sort of ‘brainpower’ similar to humans but within the boundaries of what they’re programmed to do. In other words, it’s not about robots pondering big questions, but about systems making decisions or predictions based on vast amounts of data.

What is Machine Learning?

Under this AI umbrella, there are specific ways we teach machines to learn on their own. This is where Machine Learning (ML) comes in. ML is a method where we give machines a bunch of data and let them find patterns and make decisions based on that data.

Think of when you are prompted with Captcha images during a secure online login. When it prompts you to click on the pictures of buses, you are teaching a machine (the algorithms driving Captcha) how to recognise images of buses.

What is Deep Learning?

Even deeper within ML is a special technique called Deep Learning. Here, we structure algorithms in layers (inspired by our brain’s neural networks) to process data and recognise patterns. Imagine it like peeling an onion: each layer you peel off (or each layer of the algorithm) delves deeper into understanding the data, making it a powerful tool for complex tasks like recognising images or understanding human speech.

In essence, while AI is the general concept of machines thinking and acting smartly, ML and Deep Learning are specific techniques that make that intelligence more refined and capable.

Real-World Applications of AI

You might be surprised to know that AI surrounds us every day, mostly in the background without us even knowing it. From Netflix’s recommendation system ensuring you binge-watch shows all weekend, to your car’s GPS predicting you’re going to want to go to the supermarket — AI’s applications are versatile and expanding across industries.

So how does it all apply to making your contact centre more efficient right now? Let’s take a look — but first — the challenges you might be facing and how AI can provide opportunities.

The Modern Contact Centre: Challenges and Opportunities

The Changing Landscape

Contact centres have evolved from essentially just being voice call hubs to omnichannel powerhouses where customers interact through chat, email, social media, and even video calls. This digital transition, while offering more channels of communication, also brings heightened customer expectations. In today’s age, the patience for wait times is dwindling, and the demand for instant, precise solutions is growing, and not slowing down.

Current Challenges

In this huge and varied landscape of instant responses (and, therefore, instant gratification), contact centres face several challenges. Managing high call volumes, addressing the spectrum of customer queries ranging from simple to complex, and providing that personal touch in every interaction can be huge tasks. The challenges only get harder when trying to achieve efficiency without compromising on customer experience (CX).

The best tool we have for these challenges is AI. Here’s specifically how AI can help your contact centre give great CX, while also improving efficiency.

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