Roaming Data Spend Control


To provide companies with better spend management when their users travel overseas, there is a roaming data spend control applied to all mobile connections. This control is designed to […]

Roaming Data Spend Control2024-06-07T12:45:05+12:00

What Do You Need to Get Going?


Agents and supervisors require a compatible handset, headset, and desktop application. Each site also requires WAN or Internet connectivity.

What Do You Need to Get Going?2021-06-24T15:45:51+12:00

Improve Compliance Without Adding Costs


With their centralised platform for recording and archiving incoming and outgoing calls, Cloud contact centres enable you to quickly add features and workflows that help you meet […]

Improve Compliance Without Adding Costs2021-06-23T16:47:21+12:00

Simplify Call Quality Control


The fastest way to improve the customer experience is to provide your contact centre supervisors with the ability to silently listen in on live calls to evaluate […]

Simplify Call Quality Control2021-06-23T16:44:32+12:00

Improve Call Management and the Customer Experience


A cloud contact centre solution offers features that improve the customer experience. For example, predictive call routing enables you to manage unexpectedly high call volumes. Direct overflow […]

Improve Call Management and the Customer Experience2021-06-23T16:41:20+12:00

Foster an Agent-Friendly Environment


Cloud call centres only require minimal tools to support agents who need or prefer to work from home, enabling you to weather workplace health restrictions, minimise your […]

Foster an Agent-Friendly Environment2021-06-23T16:39:56+12:00

Enjoy a More Cost-Effective Consumption Model


Unlike on-premises call centre technology with fixed-term licensing costs, with cloud, you only pay for the services you consume. So if you hit a quiet patch, you […]

Enjoy a More Cost-Effective Consumption Model2021-06-23T16:36:48+12:00

Size Doesn’t Matter with Cloud


Cloud contact centre solutions offer genuine affordability for all sizes of business. In addition, the solutions we offer require minimal on-site hardware or software, so scaling up […]

Size Doesn’t Matter with Cloud2021-06-23T16:32:17+12:00