4G and WIFI Hotspots

4G Coverage

4G is changing the way businesses interact with the world via next generation apps, devices and solutions.
Take your mobile data coverage to a whole new level with 4G coverage. Download emails and large attachments in seconds on your commute or check out Google Maps in an instant.
4G mobile coverage is now live in parts of Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington for all Digital Island mobile customers.

SIM card for 4G

If you are already a Digital Island mobile customer you can still use the same SIM card you currently have in your smartphone. If you’re not a Digital Island customer, talk to us about switching over to Digital Island to get great mobile services for your business.

Free WiFi Hotspots

All Digital Island mobile customers now have access to over 700 WiFi-enabled Telecom phone boxes operating throughout New Zealand. Each is marked with bright stickers which explain how to access the WiFi service. So keep an eye out for these marked boxes throughout your holiday around the country.

How much free WiFi do I get?

All Digital Island customers get 1GB of free data every day at WiFi Hotspots. That’s loads of data for all of your emailing, downloading and streaming needs.

How do I connect?

Once you are within range of a WiFi Hotspot, a connection named Telecom WiFi will appear in your computer or mobile device’s internet settings. Connect your device to the WiFi Hotspot and register your mobile number. You’ll then receive a text message with a pass code to get you surfing on the web.

Where can I find a WiFi Hotspot?

Click here to search for a Telecom WiFi phone box near you.

Not yet a Digital Island mobile customer? Don’t worry, you can still switch your business mobiles over to Digital Island to get these benefits and much more. Talk to us today.